Varanasi Inn 

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

WELCOME TO VARANASI Imagine a restaurant where exquisite food and superlative service come as standard and warm handshake and beaming smiles are all part of the service. WELCOME TO VARANASI - The Taste of India ...the restaurant you’ll never forget. An eatery located in the heart of Crosspool,Sheffield giving you Indian food at its best. Our delicious food, made fresh every day, is just the taste you’ve been waiting for. With a fanciful menu and a stylish, modern and relaxed atmosphere, makes Varanasi simply the best Indian cuisine in Sheffield. EAT TOGETHER We promise you superior service and first class food to give you quality dining and make your evening a one to remember. We look forward to seeing you soon! Varanasi Inn 32 Sandygate Road Sheffield S10 5RY Book no : 01142 661017 Enjoy your meal and have a pleasant and a memorable dining experience

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